Jack Spring is one of the World's most exciting feature film directors. Having made his directional debut aged just 19 with 'Destination: Dewsbury'. Spring is currently working on his second feature film; 'Three Day Millionaire’, which is due to shoot in June 2019. Spring is based in London, UK but is regularly floating in foreign bars.

An eccentric director known for his 'big, hyper-real characters' and 'fast paced, all you can eat' style, Spring's films stand out as some of the most amusing in British Cinema.

Spring has also been particularly vocal in championing the 'dream chaser' mindset, the idea that you can achieve anything you like in the world. He often speaks against the idea of film schools and offers advice to young filmmakers on how he managed to raise £150,000 for his debut film at the age of 19.

Jack Spring giving speech at Destination: Dewsbury premiere